search in Google effectively

There is nothing more unproductive and frustrating than being looking for information on Internet without finding exactly what you are looking for. One of the best managers I have had the opportunity to meet once told me that searching Internet it is like being thirsty and want to drink from the hose of a firefighter. I will always remember that simile. Well, here I present the 10 most useful tricks to search in Google effectively and quickly. Probably you already know many of them, but others may help you refine your skills.


Gestion de ProyectosThe most agile way to manage a project is divide into a task list. Even on a personal level, if we are to undertake a more or less complex project, it is tremendously helpful to imagine the sequence of tasks that we must follow in order to achieve a successful conclusion our purpose.


However, in business world, it is not enough with just a powerful task management. Is required and even more today, having multiple additions. Some examples are: dividing a task into sub tasks, incorporating priorities, define deadlines, alerts and warnings, determining dependencies and incorporate workflows, notifications of project progress, dashboard or summary information, work on mobility or from any device, managing collaboratively, and a long etc. All of this is secondary without an element essential to my understanding. It is a question of a user experience of the app that is really simple and friendly. I would say attractive to the point that one would become much comfortable and professional, on several occasions a day, to go to the application to incorporate tasks or complete information and to check progress breakthrough.


After many years working with different task & project management tools on PC, Tablet or Smartphone, putting myself on the shoes of a professional or small business that requires a powerful, comprehensive but more afordable tool, I can recommend without a doubt the use of any of these 10 following tools . Each one with its pros and cons but, knowing them in advance, I hope to add value quickly to your business.