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Boost your productivity with these 5 free plugin for Gmail

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Best Gmail productivity pluginsHow often do you view yourself minimizing or closing browser tabs or apps to move to another one? This daily action is one of the most obvious reasons of loss of productivity. There are clear advantages on using web applications and apps, but one of the greatest handicaps caused due to them is the fragmentation of the user experience in managing different services and apps that together form part of the working space of a professional.

In this article I introduce the top 5 productivity plugins for Gmail web service  widespread all around the world. With them, you will not have to jump from one to another tab or app. What a great gift, isn´t it?

The reason I focus my attention on Gmail productivity plugins is none other than this platform is, based on source I could have the chance to find, e-mail choice of most of small businesses and professionals across the world. According to figures presented on the February 2015 report by the firm Litmus -a company specializing in analysing the use of different email platforms to optimize e-mail marketing campaigns -Gmail ranks second among the most email platforms used with a market share of 18% (just behind Apple iPhone email client (26%). But compared with webmail platforms is the first followed by Outlook.com with 5% and Yahoo! Mail with 4%. Even more relevant if we take a year's perspective, the data shows that while Gmail has grown 75% year on year, Outlook.com and Yahoo! Mail have fallen by 12% and 16% YoY respectively. Takeaway that we must combine with report "Google in the Enterprise Survey" released by InformationWeek released at the end of 2013  in which they state that 63% of Small Business was supporting or with plans to support Gmail service.

Unroll.me para Gmail


There is no better way to be productive than by simplifying and reducing the complexity. And if there is something really unproductive talking about email are all those emails we receive by the fact of having subscribed, consciously or not, to a service. The unroll.me plugin allows in few clicks to discover all the services that we have subscribed to receive news, ads, etc. And with another click unsubscribe from them. A true gift of productivity, isn´t it?.

FullContact para Gmail

FullContact for Gmail

FullContact plugin allows to include on your Gmail interface a sidebar in which all available information coming from your social networks about  the recipient or a contact appearing in an e-mail you are writing or you have received is presented. You will have the chance to view the latest post on different social networks your contacts has published or follow, and also it will displays the list of your last e-mails interchange with them through Gmail. It also allows, with a single mouse click, to add all this information as a new contact. This plugin not only will give you a better capacity to prepare your next meeting in advance. It also bring more chances to build better bridges and engage with your customer or partners, and ultimately have the clearest path to success.

Cloudy para Gmail

Cloudy for Gmail

With this plugin you will not only have the possibility to add links to files from your Google Drive space in emails. Now you will have the chance to share your files from your providers of storage, share and collaboration cloud services most widespread with a single click (Dropbox, Box, Evernote, etc.). Attaching a large file to an e-mail can be perceived as a lack of consideration for the recipient with whom you exchanged the message and content, since it can saturate his/her email. A good digital practice rule is to include a hyperlink pointing to the target file in the cloud that you want to share. It will not only be well received by your recipient, but also will be of great help for yourself so that you have only to maintain one single version updated and available for the document. Definitely this becomes a best practice that I highly recommend.



Today, more than ever, knowledge is power. Thanks to this simple plugin you will know when your emails are opened and when links included are followed. You can establishreminders for yourself to get back in contact with your recipients. Also, you will have the capacity to delay the transmission of one or more emails. The power in this case is multidimensional: to anticipate, to give continuity, to react, to leverage on what matters most to your audience, etc.

ToDoist para Gmail

Todoist for Gmail

There are an endless Gmail plugin for easy task and project management without leaving your email interface from your favorite applications providers. Many of them allow you to convert an email into a task. Something that saves a lot of time. I stress Todoist plugin due to its comprehensive functionality and excellent user experience under the Gmail platform. I cannot pass up this opportunity to recommend you read my post comparing the 10 best task and project management apps


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